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The ANI (Activité Narrative Instrumentée) project aims to investigate the role of narrative activity in children’s cognitive and social development in relation to the potential of new digital technologies. In particular, the project focuses on studying the impact of digital technologies as a support for educational activities in formal and informal settings.
The project (Dossier n 2011-­‐14) is funded by the Partenariat Hubert Curien (PHC) Germaine de Staël program. The objective of this program is to develop scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between the laboratories and research teams in Switzerland and France by encouraging cooperation.
The TEC-Lab team (Elisa Rubegni, Amalia Sabiescu and Paolo Paolini) collaborates with the Equipe C3U - Laboratoire Paragraphe Paris 8 Saint-Denis composed by Gérard Vergnaud, Françoise Decortis and Anne Bationo.
Within the project the Swiss team (Elisa Rubegni and Amalia Sabiescu, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Paolini) are investigating these issues by developing two case studies.
One case study is based in Switzerland, in an elementary school of Lugano (Leonardo da Vinci). A second, multiple-case study is being run with two Romani communities in rural Romania. In the first case Digital StoryTelling (DST) is used as an instrument for improving children literacy skills, while in the second one, DST serves as vehicle for cultural expression.
The two case studies provide the empirical data for supporting the definition of a framework for the design, evaluation and description of rewarding collaborative Digital StoryTelling (DST) experiences in different contexts, from formal education with literate participants, to disadvantaged or marginalized groups with low or no literacy skills. The use of DST in each of these contexts responds to the aims and needs of the groups involved, and yields benefits commensurate with the same. As part of the ANI project, the two teams are exchanging the results of their researches and, according to the specific nature of each lab, participants are supporting each other in the development of either theoretical frameworks and the design of digital technology.
In addition, the two teams are building a digital library (available as a Wiki http://aniproject.wikidot.com/ ) in which the most relevant publications in the field are collected.
Starting date: January 2011
Duration: 24 months
Funded by: Partenariat Hubert Curien (PHC) Germaine de Staël.
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