Participants' Research

The description of the approaches, methods and outcomes in the research carried until now in the two labs, with respect to narrative activity and digital storytelling. The description as well as linked files (e.g. articles) are grouped in two pages, one for each lab:

Laboratoire C3U - Paragraphe Research

C3U is a team of research in psychology, ergonomics and interaction design, integrated into the UFR of Psychology (UFR7) and member of the laboratory Paragraph (E.A. 349) at the University Paris 8.
The professors (teaching and research) of the team C3U lead a sector of teaching at three levels: license (Bachelor's degree) Psychology, Master's degree cognitive Ergonomics and psychological advice, Doctorate Psychology and ergonomics within the doctoral School Cognition, Language, Interaction.
The themes of researches for the team C3U-Paragraphe are centred on the development and the usage of instruments and resources in working situation, training, art and everyday life. The reference framework from which we structure our researches correspond to the conception of the man as "capable subject", actor to the everyday life for him/herself and for the others.
Three levels of approaches are:
- analysis and the characterization of the existing for the subjects at some point: synchronic approach of the mobilized or mobilizable resources and their usages.
- a developmental perspective that aims to capture the evolutionary dynamics : diachronic approach of the development and resources.
- intervention (diagnosis, training and design).
Our researches address the man in the unity of his life, from the child to the adult, and in the variety of situations, working situations, everyday life, situations of handicap, ageing.
8 themes (in parenthesis responsible for writing the snapshot)
1. Creativity and innovation (FD)
2. Cooperative work (VF)
3. Design for all (VF)
4. Inclusion, Handicap, ageing and intergenerational relations (CT)
5. New literacies and narrative activities (FD)
6. New forms of materialities (virtual reality, augmented reality) (AB)
7. Risks and health (CT)
8. Competences and training (CG)

TEC-Lab Research

Reseach Approach
The mission of TEC-Lab is to develop theoretical and applied research on the different areas concerning how communication can be enhanced and supported by the use of advanced technologies, with a specific concern for Information and Telecommunication technologies.
The approach of TEC-Lab is multicultural and multidisciplinary, aiming at building a comprehensive research, where results are obtained by overcoming the necessary narrowness of each mono-disciplinary point of view.

Research Topics
The range of disciplines of interest for TEC-Lab includes:
Multimedia, Hypermedia, Web technology, cooperation on the Web, Internet based cooperation, Groupware, media and technologies convergence, Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality, 2D and 3D graphic interfaces, etc.
All the above technologies are also investigated for specific "vertical" applications: e.g. for e-commerce, for conducting e-business, for improving organization IS, for cultural development, for Web based museums, for distance teaching-learning, etc.