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An overview of narrative technologies: tools that support narrative activity, online and offline, individually or in cooperation.
1.1. Tech4Learning Frames 4
It is a dedicated digital storytelling application for education. Tech4learning Frames 4 is available for Mac OS X, GNU / Linux and MS Windows (
1.2. Microsoft Photo Story 3 and Window Live MovieMaker
It is basically an application to create animation from a set of photos. It is not specifically designed for education purpose, but it is one of the application suggested to teachers by Microsoft. There is an entire section in the Microsoft's website ( dedicated to Digital Story Telling.
Microsoft Photo Story 3 is available only for MS Windows XP. For MS Windows Vista and Seven it is available Windows Live Movie Maker.
1.3. MixBook
It is an online tool for story telling.
1.4. Animoto
It is a web application to create videos. Animoto is available also for Apple iPhone.
1.5. Soundslides
A desktop application to create digital stories.

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